Dooryard 1120 (Bottles and Kegs)

This batch is made of fermentations from the later end of the 2009 crop (Dabinett, Esopus Spitzenberg, Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Ashmead’s Kernel). To the final blend, we added a few barrels — a bit more Spitzenberg, Golden Russet, and early-season bittersweets (Harry Masters Jersey, Ellis Bitter, Somerset Redstreak, etc.).  This cider is still, and completely dry.  It has a lovely balance of bittersweet apple and bright acid. We bottled a bit, kegged a bit, and are drinking a bit.

If you like still, dry cider (we do), you’ll like this Dooryard batch. (SMW)


In kegs in New Hampshire:

at Loaf and Ladle (Exeter) (all drunk now)

at the Barley Pub (Dover) (all drunk now)

In bottles for NJ Distribution by:

Hunterdon, NJ



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