Dooryard 1101 (All drunk now)

This Dooryard is a little wild – it’s got a fair charge of cider made from the 2007 harvest in it, blended with our first bittersweet fermentation from the 2009 crop.  The 2007 part has never, until this winter, quite settled down, but it’s finally happy in its skin.  Every time we’ve tasted it, over the past few years, we’ve decided to put in back into its corner and wait.  Now, it’s happy, and so are we.  Meanwhile, the 2009 crop cider in this Dooryard was what we called ‘Wassail’ that winter – we kegged some, and meant to sell it, but it all went down the crew’s throats (quite a lot at a Solstice bonfire). Bits of it have wandered into Farmhouse, SemiDry, and ExtraDry since then, but we had enough left to make this cross-year Dooryard.  This one has bittersweet character for miles, with citrus peels, dried fruits, leather, honey, peaches, and what we call ‘FHC’ (Farnum Hill Ciders, get it?).  No fizz, no sterile filter, just fun. But please just drink it.  It’s Dooryard. In kegs in New Hampshire:  at Barley Pub (Dover)  (all drunk now) at Loaf and Ladle (Exeter)  (all drunk now) at Whaleback Mountain (Enfield)  (all drunk now)   And in kegs for distribution by: Union Beer, NY
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