Dooryard 1011 (All drunk now)

Blended in early December, 2010, this Dooryard is a blend of three fermentation batches from the 2009 crop. Made of nearly 60% bittersweet apple varieties, it has a strong tannic structure, with the orange peel, leather, and quinine notes typical of ciders from bittersweets. Most of its acidity comes from Esopus Spitzenberg (Thomas Jefferson’s favorite), with a smattering of Ashmead’s Kernel. When we blended it, we thought it smelled delightfully of pineapple, cream, flowers, warm spice, tropics and orange, and tasted of the same, with a little tangerine and pineapple (and the bittersweet stuff). We found the acid, bitterness, and astringency in pretty nice balance in this cider, and we liked the long, fruity finish. No fizz, no filter, no fooling around. It’s all gone here, but maybe someone still has a bit on draft.

But it’s Dooryard, so please just drink it.

In kegs in New Hampshire:

at Barley Pub (Dover)  (all drunk now)

at Canoe Club (Hanover)  (all drunk now)

at Loaf and Ladle (Exeter)  (all drunk now)

at Seven Barrel Brewery (West Lebanon)  (all drunk now)

at Whaleback Mountain (Enfield)  (all drunk now)


And in kegs for distribution by:
Union Beer, NY
Craft Brewers, MA
G Housen, VT

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