What are DOORYARD ciders?

Dooryard is an old/new idea, typical of Poverty Lane Orchards. Many cider orchards abroad do big business in the yard, with local customers who come to fill their empties with whatever the cidermaker dispenses that day. In 2008 we began seeing enough cider explorers here to do the same.

Then in 2011, bottles and kegs of Dooryard ciders set out into the world! Well, into nearby Northeastern states, anyway. Each keg or bottle is marked with a Dooryard batch #, in case you care to look up what FH cider crew had in mind. Some Dooryards taste pretty close to the main FH stream, but some flourish earthy, savory, or astringent strokes of tannic bravado.

With ciderphiles multiplying, and real-cider interest surging, these more pungently tannic FHC Dooryard batches should help broaden the range of taste.

Before ‘Dooryard,’ we often had lovely cider batches that departed too much from the flavor profiles of our established blends (Farmhouse, Extra Dry, Semi-Dry, Kingston Black, & Extra Dry Still. Sadly, after the crew had their fill, down the drain went the rest. More recently, growler customers and other visitors have enjoyed the one-off blends. And finally, the ‘Dooryard’ label took these ciders region-wide.


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