Dooryard #1421

Farnum Hill DOORYARD #1421: KEGS & 750ml bottles. Here’s another one-time-only, slightly off-dry, gently sparkling Dooryard blend. (Slightly more sparkling in the bottles than the kegs.) The nose carries many sweet notes: dried fruits, warm peaches and melon, caramel, but also briny, savory, and earthy smells, like mushrooms with black pepper. The taste balances acid and bitter, with rich hints of stewed fruits and plum pudding, but also grapefruit! The finish follows the taste: savory, fruity, and long. This cider incorporates a Kingston Black fermentation that turned out delicious – but not quite “Kingston Blackish” enough to qualify for our KB bottling. So that unrepeatable fluid contributes acidity and earthiness to DY#1421.

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