Dooryard 1401

Dooryard 1401: Kegs only, New Hampshire and Chicago only. Still and perfectly dry, this first DY of the year combines three harvests. Leathery, astringent bittersweet character frames peach, apricot, pear, and tropical fruits, brightened by the keen acid and fresh florals of Esopus Spitzenberg and Ashmead’s Kernel. An early 2012 bittersweet fermentation dominates, the earliest 2013 fermentation elaborates.  Both contain many bittersweet apple varieties, led by Major, Yarlington Mill, Somerset Redstreak, and Harry Masters’ Jersey.  We loved the big bittersweet character of the initial blend, but craved more palate-cleansing acid.  So in went precious droplets of Spitz and Ashmead’s from 2011. That’s it, not a particle of residual or returned sugar. Any sweetness you detect is just cider-apple magic.  SW, NL

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