DOORYARD 1315: NH pulls first drafts of Cider Week release

#1315 is faintly off-dry and slightly sparkling.  Bringing together fermentations from the 2012 and 2011 harvest, it contains a lot of Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, and Esopus Spitzenberg, and smatterings of Chisel Jersey, Golden Russet, Wickson, and Ashmead’s Kernel.  We’ve never yet posted unedited tasting notes, but looking ahead to NY Cider Week (more below), here they are for #1315:
NOSE:  Apricot, peach, BSA (bittersweet apple), pear, tropics, lime, honey/beeswax, general citrus peel, FYM (farmyard manure), mandarin orange, stewed stone fruits, forest floor/wood, faint toffee, tangerine/clementine.  Ripe/dry/stewed fruits ahead of high fruits.
TASTE: Round, bright acid barely ahead of broad bitter (black tea).  Follows Nose, but sweeter than expected. Beyond Nose: very ripe apricot/peach. Quinine/G&T, lemon, sorrel, leather, cranberry, peach pit, citron.
FEEL: Moderately full and astringent.  Slight acid sting.
FINISH:  Follows taste. Acid carries slightly ahead of bitter, with all the fruits. Peach, pear, cranberry, citrus at the end.
This Dooryard can first be tasted on draft in our hometown pubs, Salt Hill in Lebanon & Seven Barrel in West Lebanon, soon at Barley Pub in Dover. It’s also headed to Gotham City  in bottles and kegs to help celebrate this year’s New York Cider Week.

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