Dooryard 1305 (kegs)

Dooryard 1305 is available only in kegs.  This Dooryard batch showcases our Bittersweet apple varieties, specialized for fermentation, not eating. If you enjoy IPAs, this one is for you. The nose on 1305 has lots of pineapple, citrus, plus lime and grapefruit peels.  Our typical BSA (bittersweet apple) is there, this time in particularly English form, slightly reminiscent of Somerset ciders. Acid comes in somewhat behind the bitter and tannins, but see-saws into balance. Lots of peach, both fresh and dried, and citrus carry through from the nose. as does quinine and a teasing savory element   Appetizing bitterness rides into the finish with citrus and dried fruits.  Try 1305 with savory foods, like cheese and olives, or a salad with bitter greens.    -Nicole

In NH: Barley Pub, Dover; Seven Barrel Brewery, West Lebanon

In NY: Distributed through Union Beer

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