Dooryard 1212 (Kegs)

Dooryard 1212, our special blend for New York Cider Week, is still, dry, and earthy. We started with a barrel of Kingston Black for its earthy, almost mushroom-y funkiness, and strong citrus notes, especially orange. The barrel maturation rounds the tannins and lends a woody (but not oaky) quality to both nose and flavor. The flavors include the citrus from the nose, particularly orange and grapefruit, and pineapple. The earthiness carries on in the background. The acid is ahead of the bitterness, which pops with quinine and then mellows to a lovely, broad base note. Though bone-dry in terms of residual and returned sugar, there is a tiny implied sweetness. This batch has nice, full body with moderate astringency. The flavors linger into the long finish. Though friendly with food, this one really stands on its own. I wrote  “yum” in the tasting notes. -Nicole

 In kegs for NY distribution by Union Beer, NY  (see also

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