#1703 Kegs, MA, MI, NY, VT only

Nose: Apricot and sweet, ripe stone fruit. Bittersweet apple, orange & peels, subtle minerals and vanilla; hints of booze, cherry, and pear. Taste: Faintly sweet , with acid ahead of broad bitter. Fruits from nose, beeswax, “lightly rich.” White grape & raspberry. Feel: Distinct fullness,  slight astringency, agreeable sparkle. Finish:  Acidity carries along with fruits above. Bittersweet apple leads, then fades into stone fruits. APPLE VARIETIES: Bittersweet character, in order of percentage: Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey. Acidity:  Rhode Island Greening ,Ida Red, Esopus Spitzenberg. Fruitiness: Golden Russet & Golden Delicious
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