#1701 kegs & bottles

Kegs in Chicago, NY & NH, bottles NH only. Early- and late-season cider apples from the 2015 crop come together in this tannic, off-dry little number.  So the majority bittersweets are  Dabinett, Major, Somerset Redstreak, and Chisel Jersey, with sharp, cleansing acids and fetching florals from Esopus Spitzenberg, Ashmead’s Kernel. The big varied fruitiness is what Golden Russet does best.  The nose is rich, sweet and earthy, the flavors are consistent with the nose except in sweetness (way less) and citrusy-ness (somewhat more.) And the finish goes through several agreeable stages with that Farnum Hill effect of going really really well with most food. Sorry to chatter on – it’s our first Dooryard in many months!
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