#1614 Two kegs …

DY 1614 is dry, with a very quiet bubble. This is not a finished cider but  kind of a freeze-frame, kegged for the opening of Wassail NYC on March 23rd – just ten gallons, pulled from a  fermentation blend of 2014 juices. It’s made almost entirely of Dabinett, Ashmead’s Kernel, and Wickson, fermented to dryness, and racked once. After a few more months of maturation, 1614 will be a big component of our next Extra Dry and Semi-Dry. Now though,  it’s cloudy, raw, and reductive (stinky cheese-ish), but  with a ripe, sweet nose of apricot, other stone fruits, pineapple, pear, cream, honey, bittersweet apple, quinine, and wood – all repeated pretty faithfully in the mouth, structured by Dabinett’s tannic magic.  Moderately full and astringent, 1614 has a long consistent finish, all the fruits carriying through with soft bitterness and bright acid.

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