#1413 kegs

The #1413 tasting notes name a heap of fruits in the nose, including lime, pineapple, pear, peach, bittersweet apple, three more citruses – plus alcohol and  ‘chalk dust.’ On the palate, all the above with acid over bitter, faintest sweetness and then ‘black tea, … leather, honey, beeswax.’
Little DY 1413 just kind of happened while the cider crew concentrated on assembling two big base blends from carefully measured components. Off to the side, small excess amounts of six different 2013 fermentations came together, slosh by slosh, in the course of a week. Without benefit of our usual keen professional attention, the mix turned out embarrassingly great. At the end we did deliberately dash in some 2012 Wickson/Ashmead’s Kernel/Esopus Spitzenberg to brighten this one-off mixture. ‘Lucky 1413’ contains nearly every cider apple we grow.

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