A Ten-Day Cider Week

CiderWeek_NYCHV_logo264by199Cider Week New York is a brilliant example of how Gotham brings priceless attention and appreciation to ventures that lack funds for buying attention or appreciation. Annually for five years the organizers of Cider Week have teamed more and more restaurants, bars and other city venues with more and more cider makers. 

Our philosophy for Cider Week has been to do as much as we can to further the category while still harvesting apples at Poverty Lane Orchards and maintaining some level of sanity. Our events for this year’s cider week include old friends — but we’ve also added some daring new outings, notably the Lower East Cider festival on Sunday, November 8. We’re bringing cider apples, Descendant Cider is bringing a press, and jugs of fresh-pressed cider to ferment are available to order from Glynwood, a co-founder of Cider Week. 

Wassail on Orchard Street will be a hub for cider activities, as will Jimmy’s 43 in the East Village. Both locations are hosting draft specials, meet-the-maker events and a variety of lectures, chats and discussions. 

We will be sharing menus with amazing ciders from our Vermont neighbors Eden Ice on Wednesday, November 11 at ICI  and Thursday, November 12 at Marlow and Sons. We are also especially looking forward to the basically-sold-out small dinner Friday, November 13 with one of our favorite power couples, Juliette and Ralf, at Chef Ralf’s Trestle on Tenth. Wednesday’s Applepalooza at Astor Center gets you lots of apple-based options from cider to brandy and Pommeau. And we’ve got a Murray’s Cheese class with cider maker Nicole on Thursday too. 

In-store tastings at Whole Foods, Campbell Cheese and Grocery, Frankly Wines; draft meet-and-greet at Torst — we’ve got plenty on our calendar

Please be in touch if you’ve got any ideas for us — or if you’re having trouble finding Farnum Hill close to you.  Cheers! -Corrie

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