About Farnum Hill Ciders

On Farnum Hill, we stick to the true meaning of the word “cider:” an alcoholic beverage fermented from particular apples, just as “wine” is fermented from particular grapes.                                                                                                                                                                 

 When Prohibition hit the States, apple-growers’ sharp need for a new teetotal image cut the normal old word “cider” from its normal old meaning, and pasted it to the sweet brown ephemeral juice of autumn, normally called “apple juice.” Farnum Hill Ciders, at 6.5-7.5% alcohol, tend toward the dry, sharp, fruity and bountifully aromatic. We make them to gladden the moment and to freshen the flavors of companionable foods.

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We are proud of Farnum Hill Ciders, and we ‘ve been authoritatively told that, for now at least, they are the best-made ciders in America. 

We’re rooting for more skilled apple-growers to take up the horticulture of cider. As in the wine world, cider growers may want to make their own, or new cidermakers may to buy their fruit.  Already, we can sell our surplus cider apples for many times the processing price that eating apples bring. That makes our orchards valuable. Other growers are listening, some are planting for cider. So, the future of distinctive American orchard-based ciders may outclass the pre-Prohibition past.


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