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On Farnum Hill, we use the word “cider” to mean an alcoholic beverage fermented from particular apples, just as “wine” is fermented from particular grapes. The word “cider” covers a huge worldwide range of adult beverages fermented from apple juice.  (Fresh apple juice is – well – fresh apple juice, or ‘sweet cider.’) The apples we grow here are mostly CIDER APPLES with funny names that taste pretty weird – but their juices makes superior cider. Be aware! Our ciders don’t sport fresh-apple flavors any more than wines have fresh-grape flavors … And they’re not sweet. Talented cider apples can create a wild variety of aromas & flavors, nothing added except time and – ahem- skill. So please don’t search for plain apple flavor any more than you’d look for “grape” in a wine. And please DO:

FARNUM HILL EXTRA DRY (totally dry)  7.5% Alcohol
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Filled with keen, complex, aromatic pleasures, that light up the flavors of food alongside.  Please serve cool, 55-60F, not iced down! (Any label printed with “Serve Ice Cold” says “Kill The Taste.”)

     It’s gold, bubbly and radically dry. Aromas of myriad fruits of the earth, and the earth itself, precede a complex, palate-cleansing balance of fruit, astringency, and acid. Sugar content zero, fruit notes rampant!

     Delicious with homey summer flavors like potato salad and grill food, and any hearty main-dish flavors. With Indian, Thai-, or Szechuan spices, Extra-Dry clears, and cools the palate, highlighting both cider and food. Flavors will not lose out to Extra Dry’s acidic profile, but will stand out more vividly against it.

FARNUM HILL EXTRA DRY  STILL (totally dry)  7.5% Alcohol
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Gold, not bubbly, and radically dry. No fizz between you and full flavor fun! This blend generally follows XD above, except more of its fresh acidity and cheerful sting come from “sharp” cider apples – dancing CO2 not needed! Recent tastings show growing preference for still ciders among our fellow Americans.  But still ciders remain very rare in the States. Big brands don’t make them. A still cider must taste orchard-great. No hiding behind bubbles.

Still wines dominate the U.S. wine markets, bubbly ciders ditto the U.S. cider markets. World-wide, still ciders are perfectly normal. On Farnum Hill we’ve always gone by the pre-Prohibition meaning of “cider,” so we’ve made still ciders from the outset. They show off the full talents of great cider apples!

FARNUM HILL “FARMHOUSE” (barely off-dry) 6.5% Alcohol
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Our most casual cider, pale gold, bubbly, with a hint of sweetness amid tart, bitter, and fruity elements: citrus, pineapple, bittersweet apple, and a whiff of good barnyard funk.  A clean, appetizing finish makes it congenial with food, from the snackiest to meatiest and whole-grainiest. Picture a fresh-tasting second cousin to Magner’s (alias Bulmer’s Ireland), and slash the sugar. ‘Farmhouse’ is more of a pub cider than our others, with less complexity, and a point less alcohol. It’s blended from a group of real cider apples that ripen earlier than most. So it’s a bit easier to make and more economical to buy.

  *Not kidding about the best serving temperature. Wherever you see the phrase “Serve Ice Cold,” read “KILL THE TASTE.”

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