Retail Goes Low-Key

Here you can find excellent apples, squash, way too many pumpkins, etc, with a change box so you can serve yourselves.  If you spot a person, feel free to ask for help.  We’ll keep this going till temps drop too low for the fruit – under 30F. We’ll try for regular retail hours but call if you prefer certainty! 603/448-1511


Old News 2018

WEEKDAYS: 9am-5pm*** (October hours) WEEKENDS: 10am-5pm

IMAGINE: Picnic tables for hanging out.. huge fenced spaces where kids can run but can’t get lost… views across the valley … and the apples of your dreams.

Up at Poverty Lane Orchards, we hope you’ll taste before you buy.  Taste-test your first apples from the tree or in our retail stand! As our season rolls along, more and more apple varieties become available: CALL to find out when your favorites are ready. September starts with Macs and Cortlands, then Macouns soon come on. Once enough apples ripen up, we begin to press our famous sweet cider. In later September – mid-October, more and more unbelievably good apples of many varieties – also some truly weird ones meant for fermented cider – reach perfection. On into October, when  prized late-season heirloom and modern varieties come on. On nice weekend days, visitors can hop on a trailer for a scenic ride. Visit often for maximum variety! The whole time, you can also taste and buy our delicious Farnum Hill Ciders, some of the most delightful adult beverages made anywhere – actually made here.

Map & Directions Questions? CALL (603)448-1511

Really! Call! This is a farm at harvest time: we can’t watch the email and respond promptly. For particular apple varieties, activities, events (yours or ours) or any other information, just ring.

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