Dooryard 1403

Dooryard 1403: Gently sparkling in bottles, prickly in kegs.  Barely off-dry, its bright fruity aromas and flavors weave around nice tannic astringency.  Peach, dried fruits and cream follow from the nose into the flavor, joined by pineapple, citrus, and woody suggestions.  These all carry into the finish, fading toward dried fruits and black tea.
         DY 1403 came together beautifully from assorted 2012-crop elements.  Juice from three late-season bittersweet varieties, Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, and Yarlington Mill, set its tannic foundation.  Esopus Spitzenberg’s bright acidity and fruitiness supply most of its sharpness, perfume and high fruit. Dashes of Ashmead’s Kernel and Wickson bring in more intricate aromas and flavors with their keen signature acids.
        We keep finding new charms in blends we’ve never tried before. This seems to be the Dooryard way. Feeling lucky in the cider room! SW, NL.

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