Dooryard 1310

A happy blend of two fermentations from the 2012 harvest (one early in the season and one late), Dooryard 1310 derives most of its acidity from Esopus Spitzenberg and Ribston Pippin, and its structure from Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, and Ellis Bitter.  It’s a tiny bit off-dry, with aromas of lime and lime peel, tart pie cherries, pear, pineapple, BSA*, and some faint floral thing.  To us, the taste follows the aroma pretty faithfully, together with a bit of brine, quinine, and whisky (do those go together?).  The finish does the same, with pleasant fruits and clean acidity to the end.

*BSA = Bittersweet apple (a category of cider apples) — they all smell and taste different, but they all share a sort of leathery/dried citrus peel aroma.

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