Dooryard 1306 (kegs)

Dooryard 1306 is is a still (non-bubbly) cider made, for the most part, of a 2012 fermentation batch of Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, and Esopus Spitzenberg. We blended that with a bit of an earlier 2012 batch of Major, Somerset Redstreak, and other early-harvest bittersweet and acidic apple varieties.  Completely dry, 1306 has a nose of orange, honey, tangerine, tropics, BSA (bittersweet apple), and lemon oil.  We’re pleased by the balance of acid, bitterness, astringency, slight brine, and fruit in this Dooryard.  1306 seems to reflect serving temperature even more than usual — as the temperature rises, the bitterness moves ahead of the acidity.  The finish is pretty long — bitterness, acid, and fruit carry to a happy ending, with a hint of quinine.  But this isn’t a test — please just drink and enjoy it.  -S.W.

In NH: Barley Pub, Dover; Seven Barrel Brewery, West Lebanon

In NY: Distributed through Union Beer

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