Dooryard 1204 (Bottles and Kegs)

This batch of Dooryard is made from Fermentation batch 311, our first large-batch fermentation of fall, 2011. (The 11 is the year, and the 3 is because it was the 3rd fermentation of the season. So now you know our clever numbering system. We’re smart like that.)  That heavy-to-bittersweet batch was brightened by the addition of one barrel of our favorite fruity acidifier, Wickson.

The nose has BSA, a bit of warming alcohol and spice, and peaches and their pits (that faintly woody, bitter smell).  The flavor is acid just over bitter, with citrus, BSA, stone fruits (nectarine and plum, almost underripe), minerals and quinine. There is a note of honey, but no real sweetness. The feel is moderately full and sparkling. The finish has lots of dried fruits, notably dried cherry.


 In kegs in New Hampshire:

At the Barley Pub, Dover; at Seven Barrel Brewery, W. Lebanon

In bottles in New Hampshire:

At the usual Farnum-friendly locations.




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