Dooryard 1137 (Bottles and Kegs)

Dooryard 1137 falls a little closer in line with our “usual” stuff. A base of broad Bittersweet, with a barrel of blended Golden Delicious and Calville Blanc d’Hiver on top. These fruity, acid varieties give a nose of stone fruits and pineapple, and the Bittersweet base lends our usual BSA, dried leaves and faint bitterness.  The taste follows the nose, with acid and bitter in balance, and lots of citrus and peels.  The fruits dry going into the finish, carrying their acid. The moderate fullness ends with the broad bitterness of iced tea and pear skins.


In kegs at the orchard (all drunk now)


In bottles in New Hampshire:

at the usual Farnum-friendly locations


In bottles for NY distribution by:
Union Beer, NY


In bottles for NJ distribution by:

Hunterdon, NJ


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