Dooryard 112 “Wassail” (Kegs)

This dooryard batch is an intact fermentation batch. It was made from early-ripening cider apples, Major and Somerset Redstreak. The mild acidity comes from Elstar, a dessert apple that ferments into a nice, neutral acid that times well with the early cider fruit.  The name “Wassail” comes from an old English tradition of sprinkling the cider trees for the new year with cider to encourage them to bear fruit and to ward off evil spirits. In our case, it means the first fermentation of last fall to ferment to dryness: new cider ready to drink!  Early cider has some reductive qualities (think stinky cheese). We find this appealing (in the same way we all like stinky cheese); we also think this has little enough to not scare anybody, but to be intriguing and informative. The nose has lots of orange, peach and peach pit, BSA, and earthy qualities. The flavor is not as brightly acidic as most of our blended cider, but we find the acid to be in balance with the  broad, citrus peel-bitter.  We have fizzed this a bit for you, and the finish is passionfruit and peachy, weak black tea.


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