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    Week 11 ’17, Orchard Cider Year

    March 13, OUTDOORS: On a grey day, here’s a break from what’s happening here to look at what’s the same. Two years ago we tacked this notice up outside our retail stand. Somehow we thought the nastiness was peaking back THEN.   Tssssssss.         March 14, INDOORS:  The oddest possible stove-wood belongs to […]

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    NH News Coverage of Poverty Lane/Farnum Hill

    Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders were featured in the local press recently, for quite entirely different reasons. On Thursday, July 15, our local paper wrote about the recent Value Added Producers Grant we received through the US Department of Agriculture.  This grant, matched with our own funds, will help us develop the market […]

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    Friends in Far Places

    Regardless of whether Al Gore invented the internet or not, there is always something new to discover online! West Coast force of nature Jacquie Phelan was kind enough to write up Farnum Hill Ciders — and Steve Wood’s annual foray on the bike (100 miles!), a local benefit ride called the Prouty. Here’s an excerpt […]

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    Miz Maggie B loves Cider!

    Miz Maggie B, a Boston-area lady of refined tastes, got her hands on some Farnum Hill Farmhouse for cooking and sipping. Here’s what she thought: In lieu of wine or beer, I opted to toast with a bottle of local cider. I had been saving it for a special occasion and, gosh, what better occasion […]