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    From Cider Week to Turkey Day

    Our last few weeks have been quite busy; we’ve been in and out of NYC with apples, cider, marketing materials, posters, and a White Cargo Van. The FHC crew participated in the first Lower East Cider festival with on-site pressing; we ate way too much food at Wassail, drank too much late-night cider, and experienced that […]

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    FHC makes a short list

    A well-informed friend of F-Hill sent this link, which – if you don’t feel like clicking – rates our Dooryard 1502 among The Five Ciders Under $25 You Need Right Now – “you” being readers of The other four are European and admirable, so we’re very pleased. Punch called ours the ‘lightest’ of the […]

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    Top-Notch Science!

    Science backs up what we all know but are too polite to say:“CIDER DRINKERS BEAT ALE FANS … IN INTELLIGENCE STUDY.”  What an excellent use of research funds! Just look at the IQ on this guy. LDS

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    Many Sides of Cider; Thinking about the Category

    There’s been a groundswell of interest in cider over the past few years. We celebrate our 20th anniversary as a bonded winery later this year, and after all this time standing in retail locations, working with our distributors, and generally banging our heads against what people think cider is…..well, thank goodness for Eric West and his […]

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    Cider Radio WBUR Wow!

    Our own Louisa Spencer took on Boston’s rush hour early Friday, September 2, for a dreamlike hour of talking about and tasting assorted ciders with Tom Ashbrook of ‘On Point’ in the WBUR studios!  (The first hour was a roundup of the week’s horrid news: switching focus to cider had to take intense concentration.) Other […]