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    FHC makes a short list

    A well-informed friend of F-Hill sent this link, which – if you don’t feel like clicking – rates our Dooryard 1502 among The Five Ciders Under $25 You Need Right Now – “you” being readers of The other four are European and admirable, so we’re very pleased. Punch called ours the ‘lightest’ of the […]

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    Cider Radio WBUR Wow!

    Our own Louisa Spencer took on Boston’s rush hour early Friday, September 2, for a dreamlike hour of talking about and tasting assorted ciders with Tom Ashbrook of ‘On Point’ in the WBUR studios!  (The first hour was a roundup of the week’s horrid news: switching focus to cider had to take intense concentration.) Other […]

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    FHC in 2 More Books

    Following our new policy of mentioning cider books that mention us, we warmly recommend the newest edition of  ‘Cider, Hard and Sweet,’ a neo-classic by our friend Ben Watson, first published a decade ago. Ben has done more to cultivate this country’s  renewed acquaintance  with cider and its pleasures than anyone else we know of. […]

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    Steve’s in a New Cider Book!

    World’s Best Ciders is a new book by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw, witty Englishmen who spent a couple of days at our orchard in 2011 and investigated everything, laughing at jet-lag, then whizzed onward. Back then they doubted that their book would come out over here.  Apparently publishers in the States didn’t see much […]

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    Thank You, Saveur

    We do love compliments, especially from prestigious periodicals with massive credibility. And modesty is so last-century. SO THREE CHEERS FOR FH SEMI-DRY CIDER and two-point-nine cheers for the many and various other people’s ciders (OPC)  featured in the current issue of Saveur Magazine!!! LDS

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    NY Times Tips FH Xtra Dry for Thanksgiving

    November 15th: The New York Times’ Eric Asimov recommended two Northeastern ciders, Farnum Hill Extra Dry and West County’s Redfield (Colrain, MA) for Thanksgiving. We are delighted for ourselves and for our pals at West County.

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    FH Cider Forecast: ‘Dooryard’ bottles await labels

    5/20/2011 Dooryard Latest: bottles filled, labels coming. Wow, the paragraphs below look pretty whiny now. For months it’s been Dooryard Dooryard Dooryard in the cider room, kegs going out, good reports so far. Bottles filled up and stacked high. Next big step: find out whether anyone wants all this bottled Dooryard. When the new labels […]

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    VT CiderFest Oct 2; West Coast Summit Recap

    David White, a cider enthusiast on the West Coast, was lucky enough to attend last weekend’s Cider Summit N.W., which was a combination benefit and cider tasting.  Whole Foods Market co-sponsored the event and many cider makers were on hand to discuss their ciders. Dave wrote about the event on his Old Time Cider blog […]

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    Kingston Black Reviewed by our friend, Old Timey Dave

    There is a group of cider fans throughout the world, and the West-Coast based Old Timey Dave is one of our favorites. On his Old Time Cider website he tracks current cider producers, reviews ciders, and generally supports apples and their fermentation. On June 10, 2010 he reviewed our Kingston Black Cider on the Old […]

  10. post-image Cider Features

    The minute I spoke to Sean at, I suspected he might have some experience drinking cider. From his charming accent to an interest in rugby and single malts — well, you can imagine, I’m sure! So his online magazine dedicated to beer, wine, spirits, travel, and fun seems to be hitting the spot. Subscribe […]

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    And now, a word from across the pond…..

    Our friends Jim and Fiona are cider fans from England — and they visited last fall sampling ciders around northern New England. Jim recently posted his photos from the visit to Poverty Lane — and was thoughtful enough to also include Gary Vaynerchuk’s Farnum Hill Ciders review. Check out all things cider at his Real […]

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    Fav Bev in Atlantic City? Farnum Hill Cider!

    A few weeks ago, Louisa and I had a terrific adventure in Atlantic City, NJ. At the invitation of our new NJ distributors, Hunterdon Beverage, we poured Farnum Hill to the capacity crowd at an annual beer festival, “The Celebration of the Suds.” (CW) What a nice surprise to find this article by Melissa Surach […]

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    Mmmm, Cheese and Cider

    Food & Style blogger, chef, and Hudson River Valley tastemaker Viviane Bauquet Farre found Farnum Hill through our mutual friend, Upper Valley tastemaker Meg Houston Maker. Viviane’s review of Farnum Hill SemiDry cider appeared recently, along with some mouthwatering descriptions of cheese pairings. We often recommend our ciders as a cheese course natural, and her […]

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    “One place in NH fully understands what real cider is”

    A big thank you is due to left coast cider fan Old Timey Dave — who supports all things cider at his Old Time Cider site — including a great map of cider producers — for a recent post about the NH state beverage. We certainly wish “cider” could revert back to its colonial meaning. […]

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    Cider Photo of the (Summer) Season!

    A cider fan from NJ, Suellen, wrote to us late in the harvest season about a visit to NH — and here is what she had to say…… My boyfriend and I were up in Gilmanton Iron Works last week enjoying summer vacation at Crystal Lake. While at the Hannafords in Alton, we discovered the […]

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    Miz Maggie B loves Cider!

    Miz Maggie B, a Boston-area lady of refined tastes, got her hands on some Farnum Hill Farmhouse for cooking and sipping. Here’s what she thought: In lieu of wine or beer, I opted to toast with a bottle of local cider. I had been saving it for a special occasion and, gosh, what better occasion […]