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    Sweet Cider thoughts from NPR

    T. Susan Chang offers some thoughts on that other cider, the brown, sweet kind from NPR’s Kitchen Window…. Apples. From the moment their season starts, they’re the Miss America of fruit, piled high in the supermarket, tucked into your kid’s lunchbox, hanging heavy and low in the orchards like original sin itself. You may like […]

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    Cider: soil & peels, pine crates and autumn air

    Another cyder-space article, by Carly Wray of the Traditional hard apple cider is the spirit world’s safe zone, a Switzerland of sorts where wine, beer, and liquor enthusiasts can lay down their arms and split a killer lamb burger. The best, most authentic versions give a wide berth to their deeply sweet, non-alcoholic brethren […]

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    Cranberry Sauce & Cider Chicken Braise

    From Eating the Rind’s blog, a recipe for cider-braised chicken with a delightful-sounding cranberry sauce.  Also a way to clear your liquor cabinet of some remnants! Port Cranberry Sauce (Adapted from Emeril’s Cranberry Sauce) Combine 12 oz. bag cranberries, 1/4 c. port, 1/2 c. sugar, zest of one orange, and one half of a cinnamon […]