Cider History

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    Sleeping Beauty Blinks

    Our last blog post was less than a hundred years ago, several months to be exact, and frankly we’re ok with that. Bigger matters interrupted blogger matters. But here come Spring and Summer, prime cider-drinking seasons the world around! Time for cheer and celebration of cosmic facts like Spring and Summer themselves, while sticking up […]

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    Our Cidermakers in Spain!

    Spanish ‘sidras’ are raising buzz over here –  being in the biz we’ve been intrigued by them for many years – they are SO different from what we do. So Steve (Wood) and Nicole (Leibon) joined a professional tour of U.S. cidermakers and aficionados to the old, famous cider region of Asturias. They get back […]

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    FHC in 2 More Books

    Following our new policy of mentioning cider books that mention us, we warmly recommend the newest edition of  ‘Cider, Hard and Sweet,’ a neo-classic by our friend Ben Watson, first published a decade ago. Ben has done more to cultivate this country’s  renewed acquaintance  with cider and its pleasures than anyone else we know of. […]

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    Steve’s in a New Cider Book!

    World’s Best Ciders is a new book by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw, witty Englishmen who spent a couple of days at our orchard in 2011 and investigated everything, laughing at jet-lag, then whizzed onward. Back then they doubted that their book would come out over here.  Apparently publishers in the States didn’t see much […]

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    News Too Much To Fit

    OLD NEWS: 2012. 1. Farmstand: Unbelievably wet days chained together during much of September, rain coming down like the bars of a cage, particularly during the traditionally apple-mad weekend at the end of the month. But people have poured into the orchards during the drier times and trooped in pretty steadily during the soggy bits. […]

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    Cider News Roundup, pre-harvest edition

    Well, summer is coming to a close at Poverty Lane Orchards.  We’ve noticed that as temperatures drop, the cider world comes to life.  So before we get even farther behind on our scan of cider news, here’s an update from near and far. (CW) First, a huge congratulations and shout out to the Northwest Cider […]

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    Celebrating Northwest Cider

    This weekend, the group of folks who make up the Northwest Cider Association are staging a “Summer Cider Day” in Port Townsend, Washington.  We’re particular fans of (and friends of) Dave White (aka Old Timey Dave), who was featured in Hanna Raskin’s piece from the Seattle Weekly.  We are so thrilled that cider seems to […]

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    Julian Temperley’s Orchards

    From The Telegraph’s Rose Prince comes an article on Steve’s colleague (and friend) Julian Temperley.  Excerpts below, or check out the full article, which includes a nod to Temperley’s fashion-designer daughter, Alice. While waiting for the second coming, we make do with celebrity chefs as saviours. Not that they are doing a bad job. Hugh […]

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    Cider…the (manly?) libation of our forebears

    We’ve known for a while that apples grow well in various climates throughout this country. A recent article by Mike Gruss of the Virginian-Pilot highlights legislation to support the work of orchardists and cider makers who enjoy a kinder, gentler climate than we do. Kudos to our colleagues at Foggy Ridge Ciders and Albemarle CiderWorks, […]

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    Cider News Roundup…mid Feb edition

    Greetings all from Poverty Lane and Farnum Hill!  We have been quite busy traveling, shoveling snow, and launching our Dooryard cider on draft in New York, Boston and the beloved New Hampshire home market.  But happily, we find that cider is again made the news, so here’s a quick sampling of what we’ve found recently. […]

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    Idaho Ciders and the Right Fruit

    From Idaho, writer Guy Hand makes the case for American ciders.  His article appeared recently in Boise Weekly: After all, we’re not tasting beer or wine here. It’s bright, slightly sweet, but far from cloying, and as Oates says, makes a U-turn on the tongue toward a kind of fruity astringency. I don’t know much […]

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    Sweet Cider thoughts from NPR

    T. Susan Chang offers some thoughts on that other cider, the brown, sweet kind from NPR’s Kitchen Window…. Apples. From the moment their season starts, they’re the Miss America of fruit, piled high in the supermarket, tucked into your kid’s lunchbox, hanging heavy and low in the orchards like original sin itself. You may like […]

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    Cider Chat with Louisa (Video at 11)

    Another busy week ended with our very own Louisa Spencer featured at Astor Wines, both pouring cider and talking about how she and Steve got into the cider business. Louisa talks cider with Astor Wines, NYC. Take a few minutes to watch when you have a chance!

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    In A Time Before Refrigeration…..

    All Cider was Hard. So begins Jim Collins from Yankee Magazine, who wrote about  Farnum Hill Ciders in the September/October article, First Light: A House Where Cider Rules. He visited Poverty Lane Orchards last year to interview Steve, and I remember being impressed with — or surprised by — the lead time Yankee requested.  But […]

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    Farnum Hill’s Boston Blitz, Help Needed

    After some holiday time, traveling time and kid flapping time, I’m starting to get back into work mode. We had a visit from charming Amanda, a Boston-area Bruins fan, wine blogger, and cider enthusiast this past Saturday. (She blogs at the Wineing Woman so check that out.) Jess and I walked her through some of […]

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    Listen to Cider History

    Got about 15 minutes?  Interested in hearing about early American cider traditions?  It is well worth your time, courtesy of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities’ radio show, With Good Reason. This interview with Dr. David Williams traces the colonial history of cider, explains how large a “tankard” of cider really is (a half-gallon) and […]

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    FH Ciders lead NH Beverages on to Capitol Hill

    Noon, Thursday June 10th, Washington DC: Steve & Louisa roll a small family car, bearing 8 cases of NH-made adult beverages, under a Senate office building into a hot dark loading dock full of big trucks. We also have heavy boxes of come-hither literature from NH Travel & Tourism. S&L are used to scooting around […]

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    Out and About, Mid/Late May edition

    Another busy few days for all of us at Farnum Hill Ciders — Louisa is in Brooklyn, working with our retailers and restaurant partners; she’ll be topping off the visit with a tasting Thursday at the ever-popular Heights Chateau. Newcomer Mackenzie is pouring at Downtown Wines & Spirits Thursday in Somerville (so please be nice […]

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    Out and About: Barnyard Pets, Baller Wines

    Farnum Hill’s cider slinging women — Jess, Louisa, Christy, Lissa, Marcia and I — will be out and about this weekend at a number of New England events big and small. (CW) I start the adventures tomorrow with an early sales meeting at the Danvers, Massachusetts offices of our distributor, Craft Brewers. Then off to […]

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    Fav Bev in Atlantic City? Farnum Hill Cider!

    A few weeks ago, Louisa and I had a terrific adventure in Atlantic City, NJ. At the invitation of our new NJ distributors, Hunterdon Beverage, we poured Farnum Hill to the capacity crowd at an annual beer festival, “The Celebration of the Suds.” (CW) What a nice surprise to find this article by Melissa Surach […]

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    Celebration of the Suds will celebrate Cider!

    This weekend, look for Farnum Hill Ciders at an entirely new venue, the Atlantic City Convention Center. Our new NJ distributor, Hunterdon Brewing, wants us to launch into the Garden State with a roar of crowds and the clatter of slot machines. Festival founder Jon Henderson explained Celebration of the Suds recently on BeerAdvocate: The […]

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    Seacoast Sampling & Barley Pub Specials

    If you are out on the NH Seacoast, you may not get all the way across the state very often. So later this week we’ll be bringing Farnum Hill Ciders to two terrific locations: The Barley Pub in Dover, and Durham Marketplace in Durham. Both spots are true supporters of Farnum Hill’s real ciders; Durham […]

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    NYC Tasting Triumph for FHC

    Last night, Farnum Hill’s Louisa Spencer presented to students in Columbia Law School’s Wine Club. A great time was had by all, and Louisa wowed the group with her apple slideshow, tasting notes, and stage presence. (CW) It does make me wonder what a Wine Berserker is….but that’s for another day.

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    Cider in Cambridge, Plus Beer and BBQ

    Boston area foodies: on Saturday, February 6, plan to stop by Formaggio Kitchen for delicious samples of Farnum Hill Cider and beers from Berkshire Brewing, Dogfish Head, and Stone Brewing Company. Order some BBQ to go for Sunday’s Super Bowl, or just enjoy the selection of cheese and drinks right there. Stop by, drink some […]

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    Boston Wine Expo Report

      January 23rd and 24th, Saturday and Sunday, we poured hundreds of of FH cider samples for hundreds of peeps who came through the Boston Wine Expo. It’s hard to act modest, so why try? During the four hours reserved for “the trade” — merchants, distributors, restaurant owners, the press, etc — we received a […]