Cider Events

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    Week 6 ’17, Orchard Cider Year

    February 7, ’17 OUTDOORS: So here comes a reality-check on the nice neatnik look in the lower pic.  Our first ack-it-broke-down-we-need-it-working-NOW responder is Jacques. Hence, when he observes that scattered cuttings beat up our machines much less than  tidy ones, and the whole job will go more smoothly this Spring if we let the nice […]

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    Behind the Chicago Cider Summit and …

    This is Alan Shapiro. Around him, something called a Cider Summit is drawing hordes of happy cider explorers to taste a mad range of ciders.  Since 2010, more & bigger smooth & stylish Summits have happened in various cities every year, thanks to Alan, Mya, Kelsey, Jamie and crew at SBS Imports.  Six years on, […]

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    Wassail Hurray!

    Wassail, a cider bar offering a huge variety of well-made ciders and apple spirits, plus cocktails, plus a delicious menu, has opened in NYC. In this photo the place looks quiet but two days later it was jammed with jolly folks for the grand opening  on March 24th. ‘Wassail’ has meant many things:  ‘your good […]

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    See you at NYC Wine Riot 2013?

    Well, you kind of knew that ‘cider’ is the fermented juice of apples the way ‘wine’ is the fermented juice of grapes, right? So you get why for years we’ve poured FH Ciders at big wine shows. The next one is the 2013 New York City Wine Riot, Friday and Saturday September 20th-21st in the […]

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    Noo Yawk Cider Week 2013

    New York Cider Week has been very very good to us in its first two years, so we are happily planning for NY Cider Week 2013, October 18-27th. Confirmed so far, a store tasting on Thursday Oct. 24th at Astor Wines, which since 2002 has purveyed FH Ciders in the Big Fruit. And again we’ll […]

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    As the Cider World Turns….News Roundup

    When we get really busy with harvest and bottling and fermentation and Cider Week events and Dooryard’s launch, our attention sometimes shifts away from things like updating our blog.  But we’ve made it through the Thanksgiving push and are catching up on work of all sorts.  So, at long last, here’s the Cider News Roundup.  […]

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    News Too Much To Fit

    OLD NEWS: 2012. 1. Farmstand: Unbelievably wet days chained together during much of September, rain coming down like the bars of a cage, particularly during the traditionally apple-mad weekend at the end of the month. But people have poured into the orchards during the drier times and trooped in pretty steadily during the soggy bits. […]

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    FH Cider Forecast: ‘Dooryard’ bottles await labels

    5/20/2011 Dooryard Latest: bottles filled, labels coming. Wow, the paragraphs below look pretty whiny now. For months it’s been Dooryard Dooryard Dooryard in the cider room, kegs going out, good reports so far. Bottles filled up and stacked high. Next big step: find out whether anyone wants all this bottled Dooryard. When the new labels […]

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    Terry Maloney plus Cider on Maine Public Radio

    CiderDays is a community event celebrating all things apples in Franklin County, Massachusetts. 2010 marks the 16th year of this event and there will be two days of orchard tours, cidermaking and tastings, workshops and much more. This is for all who love apples, fresh or hard cider, apple cuisine, apple orchards or just being […]

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    Columbus Day, Carboys & Cider (Sweet!)

    Greetings from the absolutely beautiful Poverty Lane Orchards!  The upper valley is poised to explode with events of all types — from Windsor’s Harvest Festival tonight to Dartmouth athletics all weekend and fantastic local events in White River Junction Sunday. Leaf peeping is in full swing (check the foliage indicator if you’re really interested) and […]

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    September 11 Cider Summit, Left Coast Style…

    Congratulations to our colleagues from Wandering Aengus Ciderworks!  They’ve helped begin a Northwest Cider Association, and also are leading the charge for real ciders next by helping put together the first Cider Summit in Seattle. So Seattle area peeps, be sure to get your fill of US, UK and Canuck ciders for a benefit tasting […]

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    NYC Tasting Triumph for FHC

    Last night, Farnum Hill’s Louisa Spencer presented to students in Columbia Law School’s Wine Club. A great time was had by all, and Louisa wowed the group with her apple slideshow, tasting notes, and stage presence. (CW) It does make me wonder what a Wine Berserker is….but that’s for another day.

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    Cider in Cambridge, Plus Beer and BBQ

    Boston area foodies: on Saturday, February 6, plan to stop by Formaggio Kitchen for delicious samples of Farnum Hill Cider and beers from Berkshire Brewing, Dogfish Head, and Stone Brewing Company. Order some BBQ to go for Sunday’s Super Bowl, or just enjoy the selection of cheese and drinks right there. Stop by, drink some […]

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    Boston Wine Expo Report

      January 23rd and 24th, Saturday and Sunday, we poured hundreds of of FH cider samples for hundreds of peeps who came through the Boston Wine Expo. It’s hard to act modest, so why try? During the four hours reserved for “the trade” — merchants, distributors, restaurant owners, the press, etc — we received a […]