A Prize Account!

OCY17InsideWe’re bragging here.  After many years of resisting that Farnum Hill charm, Three Tomatoes will put a small-batch Farnum Hill still cider on the menu!  Home-town happy-dance time on the Hill!  If you don’t care about Lebanon NH wows  just stop reading here, no offense taken. Three Tomatoes Trattoria is one of the linchpins of Lebanon NH.  Wood-fired oven, Italianesque dishes, local ingredients, excellent wines, all priced to welcome regular folks as well as destination diners.  Now, it takes excellent, disciplined management to keep such a great place profitable.  Also we all go there pretty often and admire Robert Meyers, the owner. That’s why it would have been just rude to try a pushy sell job for Farnum Hill on this guy.  (Not that any sell job would have worked. The man knows what he’s doing.) Plus not every Italian dish embraces our kind of cider. (One of the few pairings we don’t recommend:  FHC and sharp tomato sauce.)  So we’re bragging right here right now that Three Tomatoes will suddenly feature a fairly esoteric dry still Farnum Hill Dooryard cider, recommended with certain carefully chosen dishes, and we’ll all see how that goes.  Andiamo!
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