The Blog Wakes Up: Beauty & Danger


Sleeping beauty wakes! After 12 months our orchard blog resumes – odd, but nice we hope.*   It’s now bloom time 2018, after a beautiful long snowy cold spring.  So! Down goes this year’s danger of premature-blossoms-slain-by-late-frost!. The fruit buds opened gradually, we’re seeing old-fashioned mid-May bloom coming on.  The place looks heavenly, soon will look and smell more heavenly. While reveling in beauty, fruit growers fear: chill/wind /wetness during bloom, which would idle the bees; also storms that hurl down icy pebbles of something we don’t dare name that rhymes with “fail.”   Dip into our published “orchard cider year” cycle using the bolded links above or find the whole round HERE.
*(“Never apologize, never explain,” advised Mr. Benjamin Disraeli, a big success in his time.)

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