Week 37’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY Aug 19'17 outAug. 19 OUTDOORS  Long time no blog – hope you missed us! Pictured: one of our ‘pollinator patches,” which  bloom all summer but blaze in August. They support our precious bug and bird allies (hummingbirds pollinate). Everybody: turn up half the lawn & grow flowers  to feed & shelter the bees/wasps/flies/beetles that make fruit & vegetables each Spring!  Go to the Xerces Society website right now!



OCY Aug 19'17 InAug 19 INDOORS In a few days all this clever heating hardware will vanish under concrete! (We stopped building for a while because last year’s crop wasn’t exactly obese cashwise. See OCY ’16, Week 14.)  That item at right is hand-made from PVC pipe to neatly guide the ends of wires and such toward the controls. Here’s to skill!          LDS

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