Week 22, Orchard Cider Year


OCY22 OUTMay 19,’17 OUTDOORS: It’s mid-bloom here, with too many gorgeous scenes to choose from.  Here’s one glamor shot of one non-bee at work. It’s a Red Admiral. Dollars to donuts this Admiral is female like most of the billion bugs busy transforming flowers into our apple crop. Last year’s OCY Week 21 was informative AND pretty.  This year just pretty.


OCY1722 IN

May 20, ’17  INDOORS: On this ridiculously beautiful Saturday, with nobody working inside, we present a token of Farnum Hill’s fluid, dynamic organizational style. Example: we range in height from 5’1 to 6’1, yet anyone can  step into anyone else’s place as needed, thanks to analog technology by Fitz.

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