Week 21’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 1721 OUTMay 11, OUTDOORS: Touching base with those rows of Wickson and Yarlington snapped last week (OCY 20’17, seen from the other direction.) It’s been cool/cold since, all buds unfurling in slo-mo, Wickson still far ahead of Yarlington. If the temperature pops up we’ll get a bloom boom. It will be interesting to see if YM jumps forward, as often happens with fruiting plants on a mission to make seeds…


OCY 1721 INMay 9, INDOORS: Nicole up high, laying a snug blanket of inert gas onto the cider in that tall tank. We’re very fond of air, of course, but it’s not invited to sit on our cider just now.



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