Week 20 ’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 1720 OUTMay 3’17, OUTDOORS: Here are hurryup Wickson and go-slow Yarlington Mill under a changeable sky.  (Wickson was bred for cider in California, Yarlington in England. They originated six-plus thousand miles  and many years apart. Wonderful that they both prosper here.)   Months from now, their juices may meet up in FH fermentation batches marked “Wick-YM.” Fingers crossed for pollination!!


OCY 1720 INMay 5’17, INDOORS SORTA: Ben’s having an amphibious moment cleansing the bottler ahead of (WHEE!!!) a batch of Farmhouse (FINALLYY!!!) going into bottles! A lineup of Farnum Hill  ’15-crop ciders emerges! Extra Dry and Semi-Dry reached the market months ago and have pulled their weight since. Two wee keg batches of Dooryard have gone out. Now in just a couple of weeks the brilliant, strong and modest Farnum Hill cider crew has magicked a fetching Extra Dry Still, and that stubborn & delicious Kingston Black, and a genial Farmhouse into bottles!  Cuz cider suits summer and summer suits cider.  LDS

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