May 2017

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    Week 22, Orchard Cider Year

    May 19,’17 OUTDOORS: It’s mid-bloom here, with too many gorgeous scenes to choose from.  Here’s one glamor shot of one non-bee at work. It’s a Red Admiral. Dollars to donuts this Admiral is female like most of the billion bugs busy transforming flowers into our apple crop. Last year’s OCY Week 21 was informative AND […]

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    Week 21’17, Orchard Cider Year

    May 11, OUTDOORS: Touching base with those rows of Wickson and Yarlington snapped last week (OCY 20’17, seen from the other direction.) It’s been cool/cold since, all buds unfurling in slo-mo, Wickson still far ahead of Yarlington. If the temperature pops up we’ll get a bloom boom. It will be interesting to see if YM […]

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    Week 20 ’17, Orchard Cider Year

    May 3’17, OUTDOORS: Here are hurryup Wickson and go-slow Yarlington Mill under a changeable sky.  (Wickson was bred for cider in California, Yarlington in England. They originated six-plus thousand miles  and many years apart. Wonderful that they both prosper here.)   Months from now, their juices may meet up in FH fermentation batches marked “Wick-YM.” Fingers […]