Week 9 ’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 9 OUTFebruary 27 ’17, OUTDOORS: Clockwise, see Steve and Fitz admiring future rows of Ellis Bitter, Major, and Somerset Redstreak in the wide open spaces of Three Below the Barn (where once grew gorgeous wholesale McIntosh & Cortland, which long ago stopped earning their keep up here.) They measure. They discuss. We can’t see that bittersweet orchard yet, but when these guys pull out their long tape, new planting tends to follow.#orchardcideryear

OCY 179 IN


February 28’17 INDOORS: Clockwise around a busy barrel-racking scene: Steve on the dock tasting, to decide where each barrel-ful goes next; Wanda thinking; Ben at the end of a previous pump-over, saving precious surplus into a keg; Nicole and Ryan scanning the fermentation book to pick out samples for group tasting.  Jeff started labeling before anyone else even showed up, so he’s taking a load off.    #orchardcideryear   LDS

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