Week 12’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 1712 OUTMarch 22, OUTDOORS: Live and learn? Live and feel less learned! This past crazy warm Wednesday, there’s Jacques leaving a scalloping trail as he prunes an Esopus Spitzenberg block. These trees lost virtually all their fruit buds in last year’s freeze. Note: one extra reason growers complain about losing an apple crop is the tendency of trees, freed from fruit, to grow extra wood and need more arduous pruning later. So we expect this and get ready to complain and it turns out that – these trees did not throw extra wood in 2017.  In fact we haven’t seen much of it anywhere this year!  (The little inset picture is from last #orchardcideryear Week 28, showing the unbowed branches of these trees.)  Temperatures snapped back down the next day thank goodness.

OCY 1712 INMarch 23, INDOORS: Rinsing one tank top to bottom (Ben).  Checking whether another tank should get one more rinse before filling up with a beautiful new FHC blend (Nicole.) Here’s to #ciderflavoredcider!



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