Week 11 ’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 1711 OUT All Welcome HereMarch 13, OUTDOORS: On a grey day, here’s a break from what’s happening here to look at what’s the same. Two years ago we tacked this notice up outside our retail stand. Somehow we thought the nastiness was peaking back THEN.   Tssssssss.





OCY 1711 IN Strange WoodMarch 14, INDOORS:  The oddest possible stove-wood belongs to people who prune mature apple trees. Here’s one mid-strange example. It shows at least 15 years’ worth of cut/don’t cut decisions from its life on the tree. Then last winter came the time to take off the whole big old branch, right back to the trunk. And to complete the look by slicing up its kinks and curves for firewood.  Forget tidy stacking!     LDS

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