Week 7 ’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 177 INFebruary 15, INDOORS: Jeff, Wanda, Ben & Ryan, prepared to bottle Semi-Dry: machines lined up, first sparged bottles inverted into the turntable, counterpressure filler rinsed out with cider, corks & wire hoods loaded in the corker, music turned up, and – ten little seconds sacrificed for a blog photo. Because faces don’t show once the line starts up.






February 15, OUTDOORS:  Praise to the snow, deeper and fluffier every minute! At lower left a look out through the press-room hopper, piled with snow where so many tons of cider apples rumbled through earlier  (see OCY #49, 12/13/16.)  Straight uphill from the press-room, Jacques peacefully prunes Calville Blanc. Later he’ll head down to that loud bottling line, when Ben leaves for a store tasting.        LDS


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