Week 6 ’17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 176 OUTFebruary 7, ’17 OUTDOORS: So here comes a reality-check on the nice neatnik look in the lower pic.  Our first ack-it-broke-down-we-need-it-working-NOW responder is Jacques. Hence, when he observes that scattered cuttings beat up our machines much less than  tidy ones, and the whole job will go more smoothly this Spring if we let the nice visuals go – we  listen.



OCY 6 '17 INFebruary 11, ’17 INDOORS: Since Wednesday Nicole, Ryan, Steve & Louisa have been in Chicago, first at #cidercon and now at #cidersummit. We always feel great in Chicagoland,  meeting so many cider pals from all over the country and yes ahem a lot of exceedingly high praise for Farnum Hill. Altogether a cheering break in the FH cider crew’s patient, exacting labor. Plus our hard-working importers, @artisanalimports – and Chicago distributors, @windycitydistribution – buy our lunch and make us feel important. So there you see Ryan and Nicole explaining FHC’s fabulousness to the paying public in a cool domed hall on Navy Pier – also a quarter of the 1pm crowd (hour 2 of 8).     LDS

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