Week 4 ’17 Orchard Cider Year


OCY 172 OUTjffJanuary 23 OUTDOORS: Down in the summer pick-your-own field, the invisible star of Jeff’s 2017 raspberry pruning is: a new hip!  Which works way better than the worn-out one. Otherwise not much is different except he got into the raspberries a month earlier than last year, and also clouds not sunshine set the palette of Brenda’s pictures.  Yes the apple pruning goes on today too. Winter winter pruning pruning.


OCY 172 INJanuary 26 INDOORS: Behind the blue door it’s Growler Day, alias Thirsty Thursday. Growlers pull in welcome non-trolls to the cider room every two weeks; regular people bring back their reusable half-gallon vessels, taste through what’s on offer, and apparently go home happy…  It’s nice for the cider crew to see fresh faces and hear fresh reactions to their work.  The worse the weather, the jollier our growlies seem!  Today is just tepid and slushy, no drama except Ben’s hat and Brenda’s stop-action shot of Wanda rinsing out a hose…   Nice and normal, not like the news.   LDS

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