Week 3 ’17 Orchard Cider Year


OCY 117 OUTMartin Luther King Day ’17, OUTDOORS:  No Week 1 or 2 OCY posts in 2017 because we took a staycation and a vacation.  But Jacques went out pruning that whole time, weather permitting.  Last year, he, Harry & Otis started with pole saws in big trees (small photo.) This January Jacques alone started in  dwarf blocks up Poverty Lane in our Whitcomb orchards. Anyone who started checking #orchardcideryear posts back in January ’16 — you won’t hope for exciting plot twists in winter. It’s all pruning. Every year is the same, but different too.


OCY 171 INMartin Luther King Day ’17, INDOORS:  On a holiday Monday we rarely see our PWSACs (People With School-Age Children). So no Nicole or Wanda. But Ryan, Brenda, and newest cider-room troll Ben all came in.  Fermentation tanks gab on round the clock till the cider inside reaches full dryness.


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