Week 52, Orchard Cider Year


ocy-52-inDecember 29, INDOORS: It’s all bright steel & loud bubbles in here, yeast busily fermenting cider without attention from people. For all our year-rounders, this is the idlest week of an #orchardcideryear. Only Brenda, who snapped the scene, came in today. 
And yes, we skipped any Week 51 post, just because. But Brenda put a GORGEOUS New Year’s photo on FHC’s Facebook. We name her 2017’s Least Slothful Worker of the Holidays. (Brenda has closets full of those trophies…)



ocy-52-outDecember 29, OUTDOORS:  Wintry mix, mostly grey, no cidrous blooping sounds out here.  But like indoors, no folks. Thanks to Brenda for this glance at peace and quiet in the rows. Thanks to you for looking in.
Next week maybe we’ll put together a web page showing all this year’s OCY posts, for anyone who’d like to scan through the whole round.
Let’s all find the strength and spirit to make ’17 happier than ’16!

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