Week 48, Orchard Cider Year


ocy48-outDecember 7, OUTDOORS: So it’s our Jacques and our Steve with  Shacksbury’s Colin and Shacksbury’s David, standing still for the pic but thinking about the stuck forklift over to their right.  That little orange machine was supposed to load David & Colin’s trailer with bins of spectacular cider apples heading from here into their cider.  Seconds after Photo One, Jacques pulls out the small stuck orange machine with a bigger orange machine that also rocks forks when needed.  It took longer to talk the problem over than to fix it.

ocy48-inDecember 8, INDOORS: At last the last of the pressing pressing pressing pressing  – all Wickson.  Tons of little Wickson pouring toward Jacques all day, giving up hundreds of gallons of that stunningly sharp, floral juice. It’s cold, with no heat in the pressroom: high time to shut down our press for the year. But a sunbeam caught the bottom of the elevator for a minute.    LDS

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