December 2016

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    Week 52, Orchard Cider Year

    December 29, INDOORS: It’s all bright steel & loud bubbles in here, yeast busily fermenting cider without attention from people. For all our year-rounders, this is the idlest week of an #orchardcideryear. Only Brenda, who snapped the scene, came in today.  And yes, we skipped any Week 51 post, just because. But Brenda put a […]

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    Week 50, Orchard Cider Year

    December 18, INDOORS:  After a long season of hard work everyone slows down as the holidays come on.  But pruning will start in January and Jacques is taking the tools apart to sharpen all the blades. Both trees and humans do better with smooth, clean cuts.         December 21, OUTDOORS: Late afternoon […]

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    Week 49, Orchard Cider Year

    December 12, OUTDOORS: Dabinett trees snug in a winter slumberland, not one gleam or sparkle in the new snow this grey AM.  It’s hard to tell when trees have reached full dormancy but they’re close.  Newton takes another approach: roll in, wriggle in, plow face into powder.  Happy group shot.       December 13, INDOORS: […]

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    Week 48, Orchard Cider Year

    December 7, OUTDOORS: So it’s our Jacques and our Steve with  Shacksbury’s Colin and Shacksbury’s David, standing still for the pic but thinking about the stuck forklift over to their right.  That little orange machine was supposed to load David & Colin’s trailer with bins of spectacular cider apples heading from here into their cider.  […]