Week 46, Orchard Cider Year


ocy46-inNovember 16, INDOORS: More pressing pressing pressing pressing. These days Jacques is making small high-acid fermentation batches of one or two varieties each. (Here, 100% Esopus Spitzenberg.)  After dark the press-room fills with fog during hot-water cleanup.




November 16, OUTDOORS: This year our Dabinett abounded, unlike most other varieties here. So say hi to  a few Dabinett trees relaxing in a nice drizzle, representing all the rest.  Meanwhile back on the dock, rows of high-acid barrel fermentations make quiet burbling sounds. Also on the dock, Steve is deep into his own little crazy phone season: allocating, assembling, arranging bulk pressing for, & trucking fresh juice ordered by other cidermakers. Very complicated.     LDS

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