Week 45, Orchard Cider Year


ocy45-inNovember 7, INDOORS:  Scenes from the 2016 harvest party.  Missing: Otis, Lucille, Megan, Anna, Ashley.  These parties come in two shades: quiet/low-key and loud/dancey. Even at this low-key gala, your reporter finds good pictures of celebrities very hard to get. Names in parentheses are also celebrities but not harvest crew.




November 8 & 9 OUTDOORS:  Do apple trees everywhere hold their leaves longer than other trees?  Most Novembers here, well after the woods have gone brown and grey, the orchards stay gold.
At five the next morning, our five passengers for Logan Airport expect to land in Jamaica by 10pm, barring hitches. Fitz & Steve prop up the bus station, getting ready to wave.    LDS

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