Week 43, Orchard Cider Year


ocy-43-outsideOctober 24, OUTDOORS: Here’s William demo-ing a shaker-pole.  But the bucket for picking up what comes down is  back in the barn. Today is all shaking, fast as the crew can move.  A possible hard freeze is predicted for tonight – low 20’sF.  The slow-cooling ground will save apples from the icy ruin that threatens up in the fast-cooling air. So picture 7 people out shaking for 8+ hours, and multiply the views below by a few hundred… in various colors. This happens at least once a season.  (PS: Everything worked out, shakedowns were picked up later as planned.)

ocy-43-insideOctober 24 INDOORS: The cider room is perfectly deserted because most of the c-trolls are racing around NYC pouring & pitching Farnum Hill during New York Cider Week (ciderweeknyc.com). Which brings on APOLOGIES for this week-late #orchardcideryear post: Brenda took the photos on time but Louisa was CiderWeeking in Gotham when the necessary computer blacked out – until Thurs 11/3.  Not that you missed much breaking OCY news…        LDS

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