Week 42, Orchard Cider Year


ocy-42-indoorsOctober 18, INDOORS: Tasting in the cider-room with Bertrand, a perfume specialist trained (for one example) to detect by the scent of a rose the region where it grew.  Thank goodness we only learned this after our tasting – no time to be humbled!  Because this sensory chore had to get done pronto. Next Tuesday Farnum Hill and 4 cider-maker allies will hold a Cider Week NYC trade tasting in Gotham.  Today this group must arrange the lineup, driest to sweetest, for that event.
Background noise: peppy burble-slosh sounds as the first 2016 fermentation batch pushes CO2 through a hose into that red bucket, a big water seal for a big tank.  The yeast is at work making cider!

ocy42-outdoorsOctober 19, OUTDOORS:  It’s time to bring Dabinett in from Black Hill. New photos, unbelievably beautiful day, but the job looks the same.  At the bottom of the field Jacques unloads a trailer of empty bins for Fitz to pick up, then loads full ones…  Uphill, the filling goes on.  LDS

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