Week 41, Orchard Cider Year


ocy41-outOctober 12, OUTDOORS: Now the morning fog lasts till after 8.  In Wednesday’s fog the crew starts a second day in those loaded Dabinett rows, where the trees have dropped a third to a half of their burden. Under the trees behind the tractor – it’s Disney tidy!  So scenic. Then we see the guys doing the job, and look under one side of  one Dab tree ahead.  Scores of trees to go, finish the Dab today; get into Yarlington tomorrow.  Back through again when more have fallen.

ocy41-indoorsOctober 12, INDOORS: These shiny brown things are one-way kegs headed to various bars in NYC (don’t they look like giant insect eggs? See OCY 25, June 22.)  The plastic kegs are recyclable and their light weight saves a lot of truck fuel compared to the usual stainless steel kegs, so they’re about as (not) green as the ordinary durable kegs… of course the trucking end of our operation is just carbon-heavy, as all trucking inevitably is. That’s one reason we hope that some day our local area will proudly drink a whole lot more Farnum Hill and other localities across the country will proudly drink the orchard ciders made in their home regions.  Our market could  shrink geographically if nearby cider-drinkers multiply! Less trucking, more appreciation of different landscapes and the different cidrous qualities they produce… we’ll see. In the smaller snaps, Ryan completes keg labels and daylight goes red through cider in one of those kegs (not an omen).   LDS

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